We understand everyone is different and every space is unique. Because of this, all our furniture is made to order.

You are not limited to a one size fits all approach with custom design, your furniture is tailor made for you, to fit perfectly in the space it was intended for. We love, and encourage, our clients to be involved in the design process of their furniture.

With custom design each piece comes with an individual story unique to you.

XO Side Table



All our furniture has been hand crafted by Drew right here in our workshop in the Noosa hinterland. We are committed to the production of high quality sustainable furniture that will last a lifetime.

Each piece of timber is selected by hand, carefully considered for its grain orientation and feature level, to achieve the perfect look and finish.

This attention to detail is what makes our handcrafted furniture so distinct and unique.


We are passionate about sustainability and believe good design should not come at the expense of the environment. For this reason we choose to work exclusively with reclaimed and sustainably managed timber.

We prefer to work with Australian timber because of its distinct colour palette, why import timber from overseas when we have such beautiful materials here in our own backyard..

Our furniture is finished with Evolution Hard Wax Oil, a non toxic product derived from natural oils and waxes.