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Handcrafted custom made recycled timber furniture and joinery is our speciality

Handcrafted custom made recycled timber furniture and joinery


What we do

We create well designed furniture that will be loved for a lifetime and passed down through generations. We take great pride in creating unique and timeless designs that are as individual as you that will reflect your own personal style. Furniture made by hand and built to last a lifetime.



What we’re about

We are passionate about sustainability and working with recycled and locally sourced sustainable timber. There are many benefits to using recycled timber - most of all it looks great. Every piece of salvaged timber has a story to tell and each piece is different.

Furniture made to last a lifetime

The depth of character and personality the furniture inherits from the timber is one of a kind and cannot be manufactured or reproduced . We’re proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to make a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice.


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